Certified and non-certified top-quality translation: this is what Linguix stands for. In addition to certified translations, Linguix also takes care of all legalisation procedures related to your translation work (read all about it in Legal Advice).

Our native translators only translate into their mother tongues. Each of them also has his or her own field of expertise: legal, medical, technical and other areas of specialisation. With over fifteen years of experience, Linguix guarantees you a top-quality end product in these fields. A few examples below provide an illustration of some of our work.

Legal texts

Articles of association, judgements, orders, deeds of establishment, bailiff’s writs, writs of summons, powers of attorney, (different types of) deeds issued by the register of births, deaths and marriages, patents, procès-verbaux, pleas, writs and all other types of document drawn up by lawyers and notaries.

Technical texts

Diamond sector, ship construction, building sector, ferrous and non-ferrous industry, environmental technics, chemical industry, installation technics, aviation, agriculture, telecommunications, IT, programme manuals, oil and gas, expert reports etc.

Commercial texts

Copywriting, commercial correspondence, company brochures and flyers, advertisements, direct mailing etc.

Medical texts

Manuals for medical equipment, instruction manuals, scientific articles, texts for medical conferences, medical instructions for patients, medical reports, expert reports etc.